We are a small team of 3D measurement, modelling and photography professionals, providing services to the heritage sector.  We capture model and present 3D data of the built and natural environments.  We capture and process photography to provide broad range of imagery based products for recording heritage assets.

In the field we use a number of different capture techniques including laser scanning, photogrammetry and traditional land survey methods.  For surveying  large or hard to reach areas we deploy small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) to capture imagery for  generating 3D point and vector data.  We deploy a wide range of processing and modelling software to deliver our clients’ needs.  We use crane jibs and photographic masts to obtain comprehensive photographic coverage

By providing quality and comprehensive 3D data and imagery we help our clients make well informed conservation decisions.

David McCreadie

Technical Director

David has broad experience in the capture, modelling and presentation of 3D data of the built and natural environments.  He has specialised in measured building surveys, topographic surveys, monument and artefact surveys, sUAS aerial surveys and inspections, 3D digital models including BIM, 3D printing, orthophotography, gigapixel and panoramic imagery and virtual tours.

John McCreadie

Business Development Director

John is an experienced geospatial engineer and project manager.  He has worked on survey and mapping projects around the world and has project managed several multi-million pound projects delivering mapping services to Ordnance Survey and survey services to the Saudi Arabian Government.

David Halliday

Non Executive Director

David is a an entrepreneur who has considerable experience working with SMEs.  He has very wide knowledge of the survey and mapping industry in the UK and overseas.  He acts as a mentor to the business rigorously challenging our working procedures and methodologies to ensure we continually offer high quality cost effective services.

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