We provide the following services:

•   Measured building surveys

•   Topographic surveys and digital terrain models

•   Monument and artefact surveys

•   3D digital models including BIM

•   Visualisation and digital re-constructions

•   Record photography

•   Orthophotography, gigapixel and panoramic imagery

•   Reflectance Transformation Imaging

•   Virtual tours

•   3D printing

Corstorphine Parish Church

Laser Scanning, Photogrammetry, 3d visualisation

Woolsington Hall

sUAS Imagery, Laser Scanning, Orthophotography

3d Measuring

3d Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is one of our primary technologies for the capture of 3D data.  Scanning generates very large 3D point clouds which many clients find difficult to use effectively.  We therefore extract measurements from the 3d point cloud and create plans, sections, elevations and 3D models.


We can provide the laser scan data along with a free viewer allowing our clients to view, and measure from, the project point cloud.


In addition to laser scanning we use photogrammetric measurement techniques to generate 3d point clouds and to capture 3D vector data.  On some projects photogrammetry is used as an alternative to laser scanning but in most it is a complementary technology used to obtain 3D data in areas of a site where laser scanning is difficult.


A valuable by-product of photogrammetry is a comprehensive image record of a site.

sUAS Surveys

Projects often require information to be captured from above.  In these instances we capture imagery from pole mounted cameras and small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS).  Photogrammetric techniques are then used to generate point clouds or 3D vectors from the aerial imagery.


For some sites sUAS aerial photography and photogrammetric technologies are cost effective methods for producing detailed topographic surveys and high resolution orthophotography

3d Modelling


Much of our output is in the form of CAD drawings in either 2D or 3D.  We work with our clients to ensure our digital drawings comply with their internal standards by agreeing the feature libraries and line-styles to be used and the overall layout of the drawings.  We can provide drawings in all the common digital formats.

3d Visualisation

As 3D specialists, in addition to 2D/3D plans we provide 3D digital models, animations and visualisations.  These can show future reality by turning architectural drawings into compelling CGIs bringing a design to life before a stone is laid or reconstructing how a historic building or site may have looked at a date in the past.


Our digital modelling experience extends to creating BIM ready models using Autodesk Revit.  BIM is changing the way surveys are done.  It enables everyone involved in a project to produce, share and exchange information in the same format.   We have specialised in creating BIM for existing buildings with particular emphasis on the heritage sector.


Record Photography

In addition to using photography for photogrammetric measurement we capture imagery for record purposes.  We make use of camera jibs, masts and unmanned aerial systems to help achieve maximum coverage.    Our capture and processing technologies mean we are able to offer a wider range of imaging options than traditional techniques allowing us to comprehensively record a heritage site.

Virtual Tours & Gigapixel Photography

We compile interactive and informative virtual tours putting the viewer within the featured spaces.    The tours can combine high resolution 360 degree imagery, photographic stills, information panels and audio files delivered within a Flash viewing system.  A major benefit of virtual tours is they provide access to areas visitors, for various reasons, may be unable to see.

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